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Dentist 4 Payment Plans

Payment plans are a financial arrangement that empowers individuals to receive essential dental care and treatments without the immediate burden of hefty upfront costs. At our practice, we understand that maintaining oral health and achieving a beautiful smile are priorities, and we are committed to making it accessible for everyone.

Key Benefits of Dental Financing:

  1. Accessible Care: Dental financing ensures you can get the dental treatments you need when you need them, regardless of your financial situation.

  2. Budget-Friendly: With flexible payment options and tailored plans, dental financing allows you to manage the cost of your treatment comfortably.

  3. No Delays: Say goodbye to postponing crucial dental work due to financial constraints. Dental financing helps you start your treatment promptly.

Here are the financing options at Dentist4:

  1. Care Credit
  2. Lending Club
  3. Sunbit 

Patient forms

Here are some patient forms which you can review and sign before you visit our practice. Please sign the PDF and email it on contact@dentist4.com. This would help you save time at the practice, make it faster for us to deliver care and do our bit to go paperless!

  1. Update in Health history form
  2. General consent form
  3. Scaling and Root Planing consent form
  4. Dental Extraction Consent form
  5. Dental Implant consent form
  6. Crown/ Bridge/ Inlay/ Onlay consent form
  7. Root Canal treatment consent form
  8. Restorative treatment consent form
  9. Removable complete/ partial dentures consent form
  10. Consent for pediatric treatment 
  11. Nitrous oxide consent form
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