Our Doctors

Dr. Rodolfo Acosta Ortiz owner at Dentist4 Better Quality of Life

Dr. Rodolfo Acosta-Ortiz, DDS

Dr. Rodolfo Acosta-Ortiz is a dentist in Pompano Beach, Florida. He provides advice on proper brushing, flossing, cleaning, healthy gums, and other dental care.

Dr. Ana C Hernandez Ortiz - Pedodontist

Dr. Ana Hernandez, DDS

Meet Dr. Hernandez, a great doctor with the biggest heart. She will always greet you with the warmest smile and best disposition, to provide the best service possible.

Dr. Maria Del Pilar Avellaneda - Pedodontist

Dr. Maria Del Pilar Avellaneda, DDS

Meet Dr. Avellaneda, a dedicated and compassionate dentist with a passion for creating healthy and beautiful smiles

Dr. Maria Isabel Guevara - Orthodontist

Dr. Maria Isabel Guevara, DDS

Meet Dr. Guevara, a meticulous, energetic and charismatic orthodontist who will be more than happy to help you get a beautiful smile.

Dr. Blanca Rojas - Orthodontist

Dr. Blanca Patricia Rojas, DDS

Meet Dr. Rojas, one of our Orthodontists. She practices orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics and her main goal is to help you attain the smile of your dreams.

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