Said Castro Rivera, RDH


Said is originally from Honduras and earned his DDS degree from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma De Honduras in 2012, marking the foundation of my dental career. In pursuit of new horizons, he embarked on a journey to the United States in 2016, where he currently serves as a CRDH, further expanding his expertise and contributions to the field.

Beyond his professional endeavors, he likes traveling alongside his family, exploring new destinations, and creating lasting memories. In addition, he is an enthusiastic sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about tennis and soccer, which allows him to maintain a balanced and active lifestyle.

His dedication to dentistry is unwavering, and he wholeheartedly consider myself a true aficionado of the field. This profound commitment fuels his ongoing pursuit of excellence in dental care, ensuring that he provides the highest standard of service to his patients and uphold the principles of compassionate healthcare.

Said can treat the following dental conditions:
Said can perform the following procedures:
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