Aesthetics Impairments (Poor Teeth Appearance)

Since teeth and smile are second only to the eyes as contributors to facial attractiveness: appearance of the teeth is an important aspect of facial attractiveness and attractive persons are thought to be more capable, intelligent, responsible, and socially well integrated; they have more prestige and are happier and more successful than those who are less attractive. Consequently, unesthetic teeth appearance can cause an impaired dentofacial esthetics which can exert a profound negative impact on quality of life in most people. The most common causes of dental aesthetic impairments are missing (especially in the front/anterior teeth) and malposed and/or misaligned teeth.


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You can talk about your Aesthetics Impairments (Poor Teeth Appearance) with these specialists at Dentist4:

Dr. Ana Hernandez, DDS
Dr. Rodolfo Acosta-Ortiz, DDS
Dr. Maria Isabel Guevara, DDS
Dr. Blanca Patricia Rojas, DDS
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